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In 2002, I started teaching middle school science, which I did (along with mathematics) for 5 years in public, private, and charter schools. Along the way, I ended up earning a Master's in Sociology because I wanted to apply the scientific method to problems outside of traditional science. In the process, I realized that I love statistics and got a job doing data analysis in schools. That lead to a doctorate in the field. Then I got sick of clicking, dragging, and waiting, so I got really into coding. Then, in 2011, I thought "I wonder if I can start a business around this?" and here I am.

I enjoy helping school districts with the things that most companies (and "apps") do not care about (like customized solutions that do not often "scale"). It is in the depths of those projects that I can best support educators in doing what they do best.

-Michael Lance, PhD

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ExceLance's mission is to do the "heavy lifting" to enable clients to focus on what they do best.

Because ExceLance uses modern data science approaches, this enables:

  • Being flexible in working with clients

  • Designing custom solutions

  • Offering more reasonable prices

  • Efficiently producing in one sitting what often takes a team of analysts hours, days, or weeks to do

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